ItsNat example based on ExtJS CSS styles and layout

This is a demonstration of a web application developed using ItsNat with a cool web interface based on pure HTML templates. The main purpose of this example is to show how you can bind almost any possible HTML layout to ItsNat.

Visual layout and CSS are based on ExtJS 2.2 JavaScript framework. HTML code was obtained saving all web states of a running ExtJS application with Chrome ("Save page as...") and of course some work of cleaning and formatting was needed to convert this raw HTML as pattern based HTML to be processed by ItsNat. The original application can be found in this link (a WebLEAF application). No JavaScript code of ExtJS is used.

Java code in server is almost layout agnostic and can be considered not ExtJS based, but the visual layout is heavily based on generated HTML and CSS of ExtJS, so HTML templates used in this example are GPL (unless you buy a commercial licence of ExtJS).

This example works in ALL browsers supported by ItsNat including mobile versions (Pocket IE of WM 6 & 6.1 painfully works).

Thanks to Daniel López (greeneyed), main author of WebLEAF, for the original ExtJS application.