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Markup Driven Forms

By default form based components are driven by the associated data model (and selection model if any). The markup in server is mainly "passive", because is modified by the ItsNat component under the hood using component APIs. Markup customization is possible using server DOM APIs (for instance in renderers) but the main tasks like adding or removing new items are done by the component. Form based components are needed too to sync user actions with form controls in server.

Though form components can work in a different way: markup driven. In this way markup mandates over the component, in this mode the component is used under the hood but direct access is not necessary because any UI interaction (item selections, enable or disable check buttons etc) is automatically reflected in server DOM as usual and vice versa.

In this markup driven mode "The Brower Is The Server" objective is fully acomplished including end user interactions.

This mode can be set calling the method setMarkupDriven(boolean) on the following components: ItsNatHTMLInputButtonToggle based (<input type="checkbox|radio">), ItsNatHTMLInputTextBased based (<input type="text">), ItsNatHTMLTextArea based (<textarea>) and ItsNatHTMLSelect based (<select>)

As there is no need to interact directly with ItsNat components methods like ItsNatComponentManager.setMarkupDrivenComponents(boolean) set to true and ItsNatComponentManager.buildItsNatComponents(Node) may be useful to automatically bind form components in markup driven mode.

Per ItsNatDocumentTemplate configuration is possible too (methods setMarkupDrivenComponents(boolean) and setAutoBuildComponents(boolean)).