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Extreme Mashups

From Wikipedia "mashup is a web page or application that uses or combines data or functionality from two or many more external sources to create a new service". In spite of this definition is correct, usually the "mashup" term makes reference to the external sources not to the final aggregated result. Typical mashups take control of a piece of web page (usually a rectangle) to provide some specific service which content is delivered from a different host than the host delivering the page, other mashups modify systematically the page adding some specific behavior (for instance showing a picture of the page target of a link).

ItsNat provides "extreme mashups", they are "extreme" because a client page loaded in browser (how it was delivered is not important) can be sent to the server (of course running ItsNat) and used as the initial markup template to build an ItsNatDocument, and attaching this document to the typical user defined Java code for document processing including events. By this way the server takes FULL CONTROL of the client page.