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IFrame/Object/Embed/Applet Auto-Binding

If the data loaded by an <iframe>, <object>, <embed> or <applet> is a markup document loaded from ItsNat, you can access this document in server by calling HTMLIFrameElement.getContentDocument(), HTMLObjectElement.getContentDocument() or the ItsNat defined interfaces and methods ItsNatHTMLEmbedElement.getContentDocument() and ItsNatHTMLAppletElement.getContentDocument(). The returned object (if non-null) grants you access to the child document.

In the child ItsNatDocument the parent document is obtained calling ItsNatDocument.getParentItsNatDocument() (returns null if the parent document is not bound).

The document loaded by an iframe/object/embed/applet element is automatically bound to the parent in server only if the src attribute in the case of iframe and embed, data in object or a special "src" parameter in applet, matches in server the following pattern:


or when the URL is absolute and the host and path (until the query string) are the same as the URL of the container page.

Iframe/object/embed/applet elements bound to the parent document can be remote viewed/controlled through the parent.

Some examples of the Feature Showcase use iframe elements, most of them are automatically bound to the parent and can be remote viewed/controlled.