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Use joystick mode

Other Namespaces

ItsNat supports other namespaces like SVG and XUL as first citizens: pure SVG and XUL documents have the same capabilities as X/HTML documents including events, components, remote control...

Furthermore, SVG elements can be embedded inline in X/HTML documents served with application/xhtml+xml and text/html MIMEs (similar is applied to XUL in Gecko).

SVG elements can receive events, be attached to components and so on.

SVG works in browsers with native SVG support (FireFox, Opera, Safari, IPhone 2.1+ etc) and MSIE with Adobe SVG Viewer (v3.0), or Savarese Ssrc SVG/XUL plugin, or any browser with Java applet support using an special applet based on Batik. XUL can be used natively in Gecko browsers (for instance FireFox) and MSIE with Ssrc plugin.

SVG managed in the server opens a new world of web applications, for instance dynamic charts.

XUL is a web based rich component system running on Gecko browsers like FireFox.

Finally ItsNat can generate XML documents, XML documents have no events (only load phase).

You can see more examples about embedding non-X/HTML markup in "IFrame/Object/Embed/Applet Auto-Binding".