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Use joystick mode


The referrer feature is based on events but applied to classic navigation. When the user leaves an ItsNat page (using events and referrer enabled, see ItsNatDocumentTemplate.setReferrerEnabled) by clicking a "normal" link or submitting a "normal" form navigating to other ItsNat page, in load time the method ItsNatRequest.getItsNatDocumentReferrer() returns the ItsNatDocument of the previous page. This document may be used to import DOM code or to copy user data to build the new page (almost any ItsNat object implements ItsNatUserData, designed to contain user data alongside ItsNat objects) before the previous page is destroyed (replaced with the new page in the browser).

The referrer object is very useful to detect the back and forward buttons, the "self target" (a link or form targeting to the same page) or the reload button.